When Halloween is a Favorite Family Pastime

When Halloween is a Favorite Family Pastime

Today’s post is from Megan, a creative director on our team. Megan’s family has the best Halloweens, and she’s going to share more about how they celebrate.

You know that one family in your neighborhood that takes Christmas to a whole new level? You know, the ones with perfectly strung lights, the beautiful holly wreaths and you can nearly smell the gingerbread baking in the oven as you drive by? Well, that was never my family.  We were all about Halloween.

My obsession for non-store bought costumes was formed at a very young age. One of my earliest memories is my older sister dressing me up as the drummer from KISS. I was the only 5- year old dressed as a rock star cat as opposed to the cute kitten variety. A few of my other costumes included (but were certainly not limited to) an Umpa-Loompa, Miss America, a box of crayons, static electricity and Mini Mouse. Here are two of my favorites: guys going to a convention and Britney!


I haven’t been able to focus on my own costume obsession since the birth of my son in 2006, on October 31st. But his birthday has fueled my love of the holiday even more.



Since 2006, it’s been all costume designing, party planning and more importantly, invitation designing for me. I start creating mood boards for my son’s invitations in July. I grab everything that inspires me – from photos of mummies to leaves I find in the yard. Here are 2 invitations from years past I designed:



After designing my son’s invite last year I also made him a tote bag off the Vistaprint website for trick-or-treating.




I loved how his invitation and bag matched. This year I’m thinking about making bags for all the kids attending his party or printing up stickers and adding them to gift bags.  I might even have his cake, decorations and invitations all match, we’ll see!

Some ideas I have so far for his invitations are: robots, mummies, movie monsters illustrated in a childlike way or a collection of spooky sayings designed with a few cool fonts.

Wish me luck and I would love to hear ideas that you have this year. Happy spooky holidays!


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About the author
Kirstey is a graphic designer on the Vistaprint creative team. She is inspired by color, and by other people’s creativity. In her spare time, she loves to garden, walk her dogs and surf.

6 Replies to When Halloween is a Favorite Family Pastime

  1. Jo Ann says:

    Love this Megan! Thanks for sharing.

    • Laura says:

      Hey Megan, I love your ideas and your designs! And how cool you have a Halloween birthday boy named Max. My own Maxwell was born Oct. 11 and he always had a Halloween themed party. If only I had known about Vistaprint back then! When the kids were real little they decorated mini pumpkins. Another time they decorated little half masks and then went trick or treating to the various rooms in my house, where there was someone waiting to scare them and give them treats — A pirate in one room, a witch in another, and a two-headed monster played by his big sister and her BFF. Only one of Max’s friends was too scared to go door to door. Even though the kids are grown now, they still help us set up our spooky cemetery front yard every year that the neighborhood kids look forward to. Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Megan says:


        Thanks for your comments. I love the idea of trick or treating from room to room. Might it at his party this year. Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks Jo Ann. I always bite off more than I can chew, so we’ll see how everything turns out.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Love the idea of totebags as favors and the Maxbot costume is awesome!

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