3 Creative Phone Case Uses

Consumer Phone Cover Use-Case | Vistaprint

Phone cases today have taken on a far greater purpose than to simply protect your favorite hand-held device from harm’s way — they have become a new means of self-expression. There are many types of mobile cases out there, from the indestructible brick cases to sleek minimalistic covers.

What’s even better is that many brands such as Vistaprint offer phone cases that are customizable, giving the consumer an even greater opportunity to create a design that is unique to them.  Use your phone case to show your identity in a subtle way. If you need a little help getting started, here are three creative ways that you can use personalized phone cases for.

Promote Your Business: Your phone case can be the perfect tool to promote your small business. By including your company logo on the backside of your mobile phone case, you can help increase brand awareness while you are out and about each day. Next time you’re in line at the grocery store and pull your phone out to answer a call, for instance, it just may lead to a conversation about who you are, what you do and potentially a new customer.  Additionally, you could create custom branded phone cases to sell as a new product to your biggest brand loyalists.

Business Phone Cover Use-Case | Vistaprint

Find The Perfect Gift: With the holiday season here, it’s time to get serious about gift giving! A custom phone case is the perfect gift for all of your loved ones. You can make each cover unique to the person by using their favorite colors or elements, such as floral or geometric patterns. Add a photo as well for an extra special touch. This type of personalized gift is sure to please anyone on your shopping list.

Giftable Phone Cover Use-Case | Vistaprint

Make It Your Own: As I mentioned before, your personal phone case can act as an outlet for self-expression. If you are having trouble finding a case out there that really shows your identity, create your own! Choose your favorite styles and color combinations and if you’d like, add photos as well.  The options are truly endless.

Consumer Phone Cover Use-Case | Vistaprint

What does your phone case say about you? Share with us in the comments!

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