New Twist on Wedding Traditions

As the classic adage goes, you need something old, new, borrowed and blue for your wedding day. But what about something old, with a twist? As brides are looking to bring extra pizazz to their big day, I’ve made a tally of some traditions that are getting a modern make over.

The Cake
Traditional: Tried-and-true tier cakes, usually round, with buttercream frosting and optional bride and groom cake topper.


New Twist: Bold pops of color to match your theme, mini-cakes, cupcakes or an artistic creation a la Amazing Wedding Cakes.

(See the ombre cakes here, and the minis here)


The Dress
Traditional: White, of course! Or any variations of white like mother-of-pearl or ecru.


New Twist: Black! Yup, Vera Wang recently designed some black wedding dresses into her new Spring 2012 collection.


Reception Colors
Traditional: Feminine, muted, romantic colors with soft lighting (image from here).




New Twist: Bright and bold colors with bright and natural lightening. You could even use a disco ball, depending on your theme! 



The Walk Down the Aisle
Traditional: A processional to the tune of Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus.” (image from here)


New Twist: A surprise dance to modern pop tunes - think Jim & Pam in the “The Office”. See the  YouTube viral video that inspired the hilarious TV scene.


Assembling Your Wedding Party

Traditional: A phone call or asking in person.

New Twist: Using an invitation that ties into your theme (check out our post on bridesmaids invitation for more inspiration, here)

Graduation Survival Kit

Today’s post comes from one of the graphic designers on our team, Lori.

The big day is almost here, the graduation gown has been picked up, the cap airbrushed, tassels affixed and summer plans in the works. Since it’s such an exciting (and overwhelming) time of year for so many, that we thought it would be fun to come up with some fun ways to help you make a loved one’s graduation day a little more memorable and a little less nutty: a graduation survival kit!

These are just a few ideas that you could add to the kit, but you could always add more fun items depending on the grad and their personality and likes!


- Photo book: Create a custom book loaded with pictures of your grad and their friends to make them smile and hang onto as a keepsake for years to come.

- Sunglasses: Since everyone hopes for a beautiful, sunny graduation day, why not pack a nice new pair of sunglasses for your grad to wear during the ceremony.

- iTunes Gift Card: Help your grad add to their music selection for the summer>

- Fun T-shirt: Make them a funny shirt using their favorite quote or a heartfelt keepsake by uploading a photo of a family pet or special memory.

- Flip flops: Always an excellent gift this time of year. And, they’re only a couple bucks at Old Navy!

- A cute tote bag to put it all in: Add a goofy picture, graduation info, favorite saying, inspirational quote, name or something fun for the grad to show off while they’re out and about this summer!



Vistaprint Reaches Trendys Awards Finals!

After the first round of voting for the Trendys, Vistaprint has five designs that are finalists in their respective categories!

Voting for the second round has begun, and if you like these designs we’d love it if you could take a moment to vote for them. Please note that you can only vote for one design per category. Vistaprint has one finalist in the baby category, one in greeting cards, and three in holiday. This means you get to choose one of the three designs we have in the holiday category!




Greeting Card:





In case you need a refresher, this is how to go about voting: 

1. Click here to visit the official voting site of The Trendys

2. You must first register a free account in order to vote (we noticed that using a Vistaprint email didn’t return an account confirmation email; try using an alternate email address when registering). If you registered for an account already then you can log in with your existing username and password.

3. When voting, give the Vistaprint submissions a “thumbs up”

Thank you to everyone that voted in round one. Let’s make sure we turn these finalists into winners!

Happy Easter!


If you like this image, take a look here.


Creative Inspiration from around the Web – Top 5 Easter Decorating Pins

I know we all love Pinterest but sometimes it can be tough to separate the good stuff from the huge deluge of images, links and ideas that exist there. With Easter coming up, I thought it might be helpful to select the 5 top Easter decorating pins I could find:

1. For completely non-fragile eggs: crochet!


2. I love this rustic and sweet table setting for Easter.


3. For something simple to add to your table, how about egg cup name places?


4.  And accompany your place settings with this adorable bunny napkin!


5. How about approaching your Easter eggs with a different color scheme?


Bonus Pin: Once it’s all over and you have some of those annoying plastic eggs hanging around, do something useful with them – like weigh down your table cloth!

Pysanky – a Ukrainian Easter Tradition

Today we celebrate Easter with a post from Andrea, who is a graphic designer on our team, and also teaches pysanky in her spare time.



Growing up as a first-generation Ukrainian-American, I’ve been making Ukrainian Easter eggs- pysanky -with my family since I was a young girl. I always loved making these beautiful eggs and now as an adult I enjoy teaching lessons and sharing this tradition with others.

The designs are not painted on but rather written on the egg using a batik, or wax-resist, method. You start with a raw white egg. Then, everything you’d like to be white in the final design is covered with melted beeswax using a special tool called a kistka. You then dip the egg in yellow dye and repeat the process, using successively darker dyes. At the end, the wax is melted off to reveal the dazzling colors of the finished design.

Everything on a pysanka means something. A line around the egg symbolizes eternity. Wheat stands for wishes for good health and a bountiful harvest. Ladders symbolize the search for happiness. The egg itself represents rebirth and renewal.

A lifetime of making pysanky has influenced my design work as well. In this baby shower invitation I use a traditional Ukrainian pussy willow motif:



And my love of bright colors on dark backgrounds, definitely influenced by years of pysanky-making, is clearly seen in this postcard:


To read more about my pysanky please click here, and here.

Mommy Cards: Tiny Cards, Big Impact

We’ve showcased Mommy Cards before, so now we want to answer some frequently asked questions about them: What, exactly, are Mommy Cards and why carry them?

The short answer: They’re a way for moms (and dads, too!) to provide important info when needed.

The long(er) answer: They’re a simple way for moms and dads to feel confident that, when it comes to their child or children, sharing essential information such as allergies and emergency contacts is always quick and easy. These cards can be as creative as they are practical — personalize them with a photo of you, your child or your family, or customize with fonts, colors, text and more. They are a great addition to any diaper bag or purse.

What do you think about Mommy Cards? Tell us in the comments section!


(to check out these Mommy Cards, you can see them by clicking here: animals, circle flowers, peanut.)

Photo Cards for Your Wedding

Today, Katie, a blushing-bride here at Vistaprint, is going to share how she will incorporate business cards into her July wedding.

I’m a party planner by nature, so the idea of planning and hosting a giant party with all my closest friends and family together is my dream! As soon as I got engaged (and maybe a bit before then) I bookmarked a ton of wedding blogs. I’ve found so many creative ideas and DIY projects I wanted to do. The project I’m really excited about is photo share cards. 

Here’s what it is: You give guests a photo share card, with all your contact information on it, so they can send you photos they take at your wedding. I love the idea because while your professional photographer is trying to wrangle everyone into group shots or capturing key events like the cake cutting, your guest are taking fun and candid photos. 


I’m hoping that through the guest photos, I’ll see some of the moments that we miss, and also get to experience our wedding from the point of view of our guests!

To create our photo share cards, I used one of our premium business card designs called Conservative Film Strip. I really liked this design because I could add three photos to it to personalize it and add all my contact information. I plan to tuck the cards in with our thank you notes after the wedding. 


 I’ll let you know how it goes!



Final Four: Our Favorite Uses for Wedding Stickers

No, I don’t mean that final four! What I mean is, we’ve thought of four ways to use a Vistaprint small circular sticker for a wedding.

1. Let’s start with the invitation: something I’ve seen brides do is wrap their invitations in a page of vellum. It gives the invitation just one more personal touch. To keep it there, you can place a sticker across the front.


2. Or, to take your invitation presentation to the next level, simply enclose your envelopes with a personalized sticker.



3.  Use the sticker as decoration on a cupcake – with your wedding date, or your names. How romantic and sweet! Remember how Liz did it here for her friend’s bridal shower?



4. A sticker can also add the perfect final touch to your favors.


How would you use a small circular sticker? Or, have you already? Share with us!


Spring into a Sunny Mood

Thank you to Lori for sharing with us today…

Ah, spring is here! Here is a  spring inspiration board to get you in the mood for the new season :)